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Avid Secure: Intelligent Cloud Security Compliance and Monitoring

CIO VendorGanesh Krishnan, Co-Founder & CTO
Bad actors are using sophisticated ways to attack, and their tools and techniques are getting smarter by the day. As a result, breaches are getting worse and occurring on a daily basis. There is a common misconception that cloud providers like Amazon (AWS), Google, and Microsoft are responsible for providing the end-to-end security for their customers. The truth is that, end-to-end security and compliance is a shared responsibility between the customer and the cloud provider with the real onus on security still with customers.

Cybersecurity expert Ganesh Krishnan and enterprise business leader Nikhil Gupta are addressing this by providing an intelligent cloud security solution that stays ahead of the bad actors while making it easy for customers to secure their environment. “Powered by artificial intelligence and automation, we have built a cloud security platform that provides continuous visibility, simplifies compliance, and secures workloads across any cloud provider,” explains Nikhil Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of Avid Secure.

The idea for the company struck Nikhil and Ganesh, both industry veterans with over two decades of experience—when the duo realized there was a gaping hole in the cloud security space. “I have evaluated a variety of security tools in the past as CISO at various companies including LinkedIn. The reality is that there aren’t many good solutions out there despite the growing number of security solutions. Therefore, I was inspired to leverage my experience to build a scalable solution that revolutionizes cloud security and brings it to the masses,” says Ganesh Krishnan, Co-Founder and CTO of Avid Secure.

As software development is becoming more agile, organizations are still using legacy security tools and running quarterly or annual compliance processes. When software and infrastructure is changing multiple times a day, a quarterly compliance process is invalid the moment it completes. To solve this problem, Krishnan devised a smart security solution at Avid Secure that combines deep security expertise with the power of AI to deliver compliance, governance and intelligent security monitoring with automatic remediation in the cloud. In testament to Avid Secure’s competency, Golan Ben-Oni, Global CIO of IDT Corporation, a NYSE (IDT) traded company states, “It’s rare that I have an opportunity to work with a team that is as customer-obsessed as Avid Secure. Apart from being highly competent AI security professionals, their understanding of enterprise customer cloud security needs is unparalleled. I feel secure and can better sleep at night following the Avid Secure Platform deployment.”

The Avid Secure platform is designed for ease-of-use with scalability and can be implemented into a customer’s environment within minutes. “What makes our platform standout is that it doesn’t require days or months to deploy. It is an agentless solution and customers can self deploy in minutes and it constantly monitors for issues without interfering with existing infrastructure,” explains Krishnan.

The platform caters to three enterprise user personas—Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Security Operations & Engineering, and DevOps. Traditionally, these organizations tend to be siloed in large enterprises but it is imperative for all of them to collaborate to achieve continuous security and compliance.

“While cloud provides significant agility, the cost of migration and security is high. That combined with dozens of point and hard to maintain open source tools offered by cloud providers, makes life difficult for customers who are looking for easier ways to secure their environments. I have had large security and data teams to help secure such environments and it wasn’t enough,” states Krishnan, a Silicon Valley veteran CISO. Therefore, using AI and automation to make things easy is the foundation of the Avid Secure platform.

A unique feature of the solution is a powerful, flexible, and intelligent compliance engine that provides continuous assessment and automatic remediation with support for SOC2, PCI, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and others.
Nikhil Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO

The policy engine allows for significant customization which empowers businesses to produce organization specific reports and comprehensive dashboards in minutes. Businesses that don’t have stringent compliance needs can use the Avid Secure automated security governance capability by defining security best practices and hygiene policies. In addition, any untoward activity can be easily detected and remediated with preventive guardrails. The platform also leverages millions of metrics and traffic data to display real-time policy visualization of the customer environment. “The platform displays complex hierarchical network topology with real-time traffic that is easy to understand even for non-networking users,” adds Gupta. Coupled with smart alerts that automatically correlate thousands of alarms to surface only the relevant ones, makes the platform a powerful efficiency tool for enterprise security teams.

It's rare that I have an opportunity to work with a team that is as customer-obsessed as Avid Secure. Apart from being highly competent AI security professionals, their understanding of enterprise customer cloud security needs is unparalleled. I feel secure and can better sleep at night following the Avid Secure Platform deployment

—Golan Ben-Oni, Global CIO, IDT Corporation

Since scouring through large amounts of data is a cumbersome task, the platform also features a Google-like search interface which allows organizations to easily find relevant information. “We understand that learning a complex query language is the last thing customers want on their plate,” says Krishnan. Avid Secure’s natural language search capability uses plain English for ease of use. To help organizations dive deeper into data, the platform easily integrates with third-party solutions like Splunk, Slack, and JIRA for valuable insights and offers end-to-end workflow automation that helps with compliance automation and incident response. The result is a real-time, comprehensive view of all assets across various cloud environments. “Often CIOs are sceptical to give us access to their production servers but when you show them a time to value of 10 minutes, an instant faith is established,” says Gupta.

Avid Secure’s platform outperformed when a large public company self-deployed the solution to secure their 4000+ servers across nearly 50 accounts in AWS. Avid Secure was the solution of choice as it is all-in-one and holistic. “We took care of their compliance requirements and offered complete intelligent monitoring and visibility across their entire environment on a single easy to use dashboard,” mentions Krishnan. The customer witnessed huge cost savings as the Avid Secure platform was equivalent to deploying several point solutions but avoided all the resources needed to maintain them.

Driven by excellence and innovation, Avid Secure is seeking to make a mark in the industry as large public companies deploy Avid Secure with their production workloads. The days ahead look even more favourable for this visionary company with growing customer traction and constant product expansion. “We are a customer driven organization and we understand cloud security needs of our enterprise customers, the best. This is the reason our platform is garnering such excitement and interest from organizations across industries. We are excited to be pioneering a revolution in the cloud security space,” ends Gupta.