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Torch.AI: Illuminating Enterprise risk

Brian Weaver, CEO, Torch.AIBrian Weaver, CEO Without continual growth and progress, words like improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. An epitome of perseverance, Brian Weaver, who in addition to donning the role of CEO at Torch.AI is also an endurance sports athlete, relates running a company to pushing his bike against the wind, just to outperform his previous record. Though things like pace, hydration, and the elevation change may trouble his mind, a steely resolve to improve pumps energy within this avid cyclist.

What keeps a fearless Weaver keep pushing the limits to surpass his previous best? It is his will to improve and not succumb to the statusquo—an ideology that he translates to guiding the augmented intelligence technology solutions and digital consulting services company that he co-founded, Torch.AI toward relentless success.

"Enterprise security must evolve beyond analyzing log archives. We aim to change the way that the industry looks risk through our advanced form of network-centric intelligence"

Given the improvements that Torch.AI has created in productivity, reliability, and profitability in the last years, it is a no-brainer as to why his company has become one of the few firms trusted by some the world’s most important organizations with their unique risk sensing capability. Amongst several reasons, their unique approach to identifying unknown threats has made Torch.AI curb competition. “When you look at the landscape, it’s full of analytics firms and dashboard companies providing reactive solutions for enterprise risk. We enable a proactive posture by identifying emerging anomalies in real time so that clients can eliminate threats earlier,” says Weaver. The firm takes data, machine learning, and the concept of network economics and puts it through their augmented intelligence platform to change the way that organizations approach security. The advanced tool that Torch.AI has developed delivers the capability to unify principles, results, models, and disparate data into a single computational representation.

For its clients, Torch.AI seeks to aid the evolution, helping next-generation leaders that can solve complex problems revolving around enterprise security, who wish to break from the “whack-a-mole” insights approach that often fails to relate to the original problem. By exploiting data in smarter ways and leveraging prior knowledge as the context of discovery while exploring hidden relations in complex data, Torch.AI identifies and predicts network and data linkage, solving the challenge of illuminating critical relationships. Weaver believes that the iterations of new discovery and learning from accumulated knowledge will help businesses accelerate the rate of discovery.

We enable a proactive posture by identifying emerging anomalies in real time so that clients can eliminate threats earlier

Torch.AI solutions revolve around three fundamental areas: human credentialing and behavioral analytics, supplier diligence, and contextual analysis of the parties involved in financial transactions or interactions, all through the method of a network-centric approach.

The Network-Centric Approach

At the core, Torch.AI follows a rigorous process to deliver top-notch solutions to its global client base. They build a data ecosystem and accommodate massive data sets, wrapping the output in dynamic and transportable deep-learning-derived mathematical computations. This provides a new frictionless method of reducing risk and enhancing opportunity. The characteristics of the target entity’s network are automatically detected to illuminate themes and improve classification. By learning to breakdown the data ecosystem as a nested hierarchy of judgments or scores—with each score defined in relation to its neighbors—Torch.AI’s flexible and powerful platform deploys an advanced form of machine learning.

Fueled by this approach and inspired by the gap existing today for application-specific real-time anomaly detection, Torch.AI delivers a unified mathematical framework and sophisticated analytics tools to leverage data in a unique way to solve problems. “Our mission of scaling trust has created extraordinary applications focused on the toughest challenges,” mentions Weaver. “Further system users with elevated access privileges that demonstrate emerging behavioral risk need to be illuminated for clients with these difficult challenges.” Their tools relate data from any one problem or industry sector to a broader body of knowledge in a seamless and efficient manner. In addition to enabling hypothesis generation, the Torch.AI software platform also accelerates discovery by correlating data across domains. “The objective here is to advance our ability substantially to represent complex forms of knowledge in computable form,” adds Weaver.

The Triad of Horizontal Capabilities

On the human credentialing and behavioral analytics side, Torch.AI illuminates risk within an organizational ecosystem to enable situation awareness for every department. Publicly available surface and deep data is unified and mapped with the existing information to calculate correlations across behavioral data. This surfaces previously hidden events and properties. Torch.AI also autonomously constructs entity profiles from multiple data sources—including native OSINT data—to illuminate anomalous characteristics and data outliers, a very popular capability among Torch.AI’s supply chain intelligence clients. By scoring events, companies and people in real time through their AI-powered deep entity analysis, fraud propensity detection, and threat assessment system, the company, helps enterprises to become effective and efficient, as they are able to automate rules and related tasks improving enterprise intelligence.
Torch.AI instantly improves transactions and supports improved value exchange by dynamically mapping and measuring the network structure for enhanced contextual analysis. Not only is transaction data appended with millions of additional data points, but clients are also offered the capability to actually score each data object related to an interaction in real time. “Customers can comprehend agent competition and coordination and relate actions of each agent on the aggregated state of the transaction environment,” mentions Weaver. “Further, the system reinvents itself with each successive transaction as new patterns and regulations demand adaption facilitating the creation of a robust audit trail.”

The Key to Unparalleled Success

Yet another feature from Torch.AI is their sophisticated interaction scoring engine, called DarkNode, the engine offers visibility into insider threat behaviors in a unique way. “We partner with leading integrators and consultants to deploy the solution, via our full platform or part of the client’s existing stack, for our public sector and commercial customers,” says Weaver. Torch.AI’s solution is configurable to the business, that is, the client’s team doesn’t need to flex to the technology, instead, Torch.AI adapts to the client’s workflow and existing application platform which saves time, money, and improves business outcomes and bottom lines.

The proprietary applications offered by Torch.AI unlock qualitative and quantitative knowledge including scientific principles, constraints, models, and functional relations. To validate these new representations and tools, Torch.AI has developed multiple scientific and engineering use cases with some of the world’s most important organizations, which include Deloitte, Microsoft, Accenture, DXC Technologies, H&R Block, and various federal agencies. Over the years, anomaly detection, autonomous entity interrogation, continuous monitoring, complex networks, self-determining systems, and cyber-physical systems have become their strong suit. Additionally, Torch.AI can also manage complex compliance issues and handle sensitive data in an elegant and easy-to-deploy manner.

Idealists with an Intelligent Perspective

Today, Torch.AI drives measurable value for some of the world’s most important and emerging brands. From the U.S. Government to the Fortune 500, they develop proven OSINT methodologies, harness deep insights, and leverage market expertise to create unique solutions powered by advanced AI. Weaver adds, “Enterprise security must evolve beyond analyzing log archives. We aim to change the way that the industry looks risk through our advanced form of network-centric intelligence.”

Torch.AI aims to create an environment, which will reduce improper payments, eliminate insider threats in organizations, and deliver real-time unsupervised anomaly detection in a better manner. The firm is also planning to expand geographically in 2018 and targets to establish its footprint in the Maryland and Virginia markets as well. Along the path of innovation, Torch.AI looks forward to developing advanced solutions for the public sector and key financial firms. With an ever-expanding and improving solution portfolio, Torch.AI looks all focused to be the beacon of risk illumination in the near future.