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Virtis: Mitigating Data Breach with Cutting-Edge Solutions

CIO VendorMichelle Wilner, CEO
With the expanding attack surface companies are facing through an increased number of web applications, IoT devices and more, the modern digitalized business world needs new and improved security technologies. Companies often fail to ensure information confidentiality, availability, and integrity due to inadequate knowledge on security measures, adaptation strategies, or simply are not aware of the risks of exposure. Implementing such protection mechanisms requires adapting new technologies to existing business activities, adopting best security standard practices, along with the highest caliber of industry expertise—and that is where “VIRTIS” comes into the picture. A woman-owned, client-centric company, Virtis focuses on the elimination of data breaches.

When it comes to the enterprise ecosystem, traditional security tools like antivirus, firewall, and anti-spam software are no longer adequate as they cannot prevent or facilitate response to advanced and targeted threats.

Virtis’ world-class products and services protect enterprises and government organizations by securing their networks and applications against advanced and targeted cyberthreats. With cybercrime on the rise, it is crucial for enterprises to maximize their detection capabilities and provide a quick, apt, and effective response to cybersecurity threats. The Virtis team brings a different approach to the security paradigm as they provide real-time insights to their customers first and then strategically map out the landscape to begin the complete protection strategy.

Every business is unique and has its own vulnerabilities. Virtis’ outcome-based approach integrates customer business requirements, best practices and strategies, and leading-edge technology—including machine learning— with white-glove customer service. “Being vendor-agnostic and always putting the customers first means, we are not just trying to sell products. We take the time to learn our customers. Our heuristic approach focuses on creating an environment where everyone’s data is fully protected and secure,” asserts Michelle Wilner, the CEO of Virtis.

Be it Enterprise, Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Payment and Compliance (PCI-DSS), their real-time protection and advisory reporting allows Virtis to identify vulnerabilities, detect cyberthreats faster, and proactively shield against in-progress attacks more effectively than anyone else in the industry.

Along with an extensive data center services portfolio, the company provides solutions for threat intelligence, web application security, micro-segmentation, and complete data management from security to backup and recovery while complying with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates.

The Weaponry: Armed to Defend

Virtis’ solutions use analytics and machine learning technologies to identify the anomalous behaviors in a system including zero-days, insider threats, and subtle, stealthy attacks. ExtraHop Reveal(x) is best in class, enabling customers to have unprecedented visibility, AI-powered behavioral analysis, and automated investigation capabilities at enterprise scale. Reveal(x) conducts real-time analytics at 100 Gbps, ten times the speed and scale of any other option on the market today while decoding 50+ enterprise protocols and decrypting SSL/TLS, even with perfect forward secrecy. The AI-driven anomaly detection in Reveal(x) is uniquely powerful because of its data source. 100 Gbps of rich wire data allows ExtraHop Reveal(x) AI to draw from more than 4,600 dimensions to design models that perform rich, contextual detections, automatically tailored to the assets in each customer’s environment, without false positives. The cloud-based architecture of the Reveal(x) AI anomaly detection system allows it to rapidly update and provide the most current and timely detections when new threats arise, while also crowdsourcing threat data to enhance the quality of detection available to all customers.

Being vendor-agnostic and always putting the customers first means we are not just trying to sell products. Our heuristic approach focuses on creating an environment where everyone's data is fully protected and secure

For web application protection, Virtis utilizes RedShield, due to its unparalleled, proprietary shielding technology where 100 percent vulnerability mitigation is a reality. The secret sauce is in the ability to protect apps, platforms, and frameworks without touching a single line of source code.

For data protection and management, Rubrik is revolutionizing the way information security practices have been adopted over the last 30 years. Rubrik provides unprecedented data mobility and accessibility while eliminating management complexity for aligning technology to the business needs. It provides unlimited scale—scale-out on-premise—or in the cloud, leveraging a single de-duplicated and compressed global namespace. Rubrik consistently has a 30-60 percent TCO savings compared to traditional data protection players.

What Sets Virtis Apart

New Zealand is known for being early adopters of technology. Having dual headquarters in the U.S. and NZ, the company taps into some of the world’s best leading-edge technology first; long before most companies in the U.S. ever become aware. Virtis’ globally unique, patented products and services combined with a boutique white-glove approach is its key differentiator.

In the case of the Equifax breach, having RedShield’s shielding service in place, Virtis’ customers were protected since day 1, from when the Apache announcement was made, while it took Equifax four days to realize they were breached. Oracle took another 45 days to release the patch. Equifax finally halted the breach 145 days later.

An insider at a finance company attempted to steal sensitive customer data from a database and exfiltrate it to a suspicious location. ExtraHop instantly detected the unusual database access and was able to parse the layer 7 transactions to see that the malicious laptop had sought to log in as a privileged account and delete the database logs that showed evidence of the data transfer. With this forensic data immediately in hand, the security team was able to prevent further database access and prevent the malicious actor from moving any data offsite, avoiding major data loss, brand damage, and regulatory penalties.

A hospital was concerned about ransomware attacks after detecting several phishing attacks containing ransomware variants. Game changing feature: All applications and data ingested by Rubrik are stored in an immutable manner. Once ingested, no external or internal operation can modify the data.

The apt unique value proposition makes Virtis a necessity for all industries and verticals. The company was awarded RedShield’s Global Reseller of the year for 2017.

Virtis and its vital relationships with industry leaders deliver superior technology, solutions, and technical support to the various industrial sectors including healthcare services, financial services, e-commerce, and government organizations. They provide complete security from unknown threats avoiding any breach by offering a prominent suite of products and frameworks, data masking, data center asset management services, penetration testing, and micro-segmentation. “To be able to analyze, understand, and tap into different business landscapes requires using the right tools, expertise and effective collaboration for complete data protection. That’s how we deliver a full spectrum of security protection for our client’s critical infrastructure,” concludes Michelle.